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Polishes while Whitening

Professional Results at Home

Easy to Apply in Seconds




"I love that I can get professional results at home without spending thousands at the dentist"
- Kim Kardashian

*Results May Vary

Noticeably Whiter and Brighter Teeth after 1 use

At home teeth whitening systems can deliver whitening results similar to those you'll get by visiting your dentist. You can reduce the number of visits and the money spent with an at home teeth whitening system. You'll see similar results and have that whiter and brighter smile just like your favorite celebrities.

The 3 Easy steps for Brighter Teeth

Step 1 - Dry teeth. Rotate bottom of click-pen to dispense gel from opposite end.

Step 2 - Apply gel directly onto teeth. Avoid lips from contacting teeth for 30-60 seconds.

Step 3 - Rinse after 15 minutes. Do not eat or drink for one hour.

The Science of White Teeth

Clinical studies prove it.

"Bleaching is effective in lightening most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Based on clinical studies, 96% of patients with these kinds of stains experience some lightening effect. Other types of stains, such as those produced by tetracycline use or fluorosis (too much fluoride), respond to bleaching less reliably."

- American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA)


Kosher Glycerin

Containing no animal by product. It enhances stabilization of the formula for increased whitening performance.

Peppermint Oil

This essential oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, and pain-relieving properties. Peppermint is said to be beneficial for mouth and gum infections. In addition, it adds a cool, minty fresh flavor.


Another teeth whitening agent that works with an oxidizing effect, unlocking your teeth's whitest color.

Positive Feedback

"I love drinking coffee! I'm sure many of you were like me. Hiding my smile to avoid showing my stained teeth. Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen definitely helped lift the stains and gave me confidence again!"


Las Vegas, Nevada

"I read an article about at home teeth whitening systems being much cheaper than a visit to the dentist. I am getting married next month so I decided to try it! So far very pleased with the results!"



"I work in the medical field. We need to make sure we look well-groomed. Thanks to the Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen, this is really easy for me to use especially on a busy schedule."



"I would recommend Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen to anyone who wants to have a convenient whitening system regardless of whether you're at home or not. It's no hassle and pleasant to use. After just a few uses, you can confidently flash a more dazzling smile!"


Manhattan, NYC

*Results May Vary

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Polishes while Whitening

Professional Results at Home

Easy to Apply in Seconds